Call me Kit.
I'm a computer/technology enthusiast. I enjoy building and fixing computers. I'm a computer and console game junkie. I'm an artist. I love food, singing, music, art, movies, and shows.
I'm open to talk to anyone, so send me an ask!
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Semi-bust pixel I did for myself. May use for social media, not sure yet.


If you’re feeling anything less than happy, Here’s Peter Dinklage on a scooter.

What a stud


Omg laughed so hard


Sergeant Barnes, you are to be the next top model new fist of HYDRA.

My hero.


this is possibly the best transparent post ever u wont understand unless you drag it OMFg

New tights.

Stockings I wore today with my platforms.


Ana Rosa Beautiful gorgeous pretty flowers


I’ve made this design available to purchase as a T-shirt, and prints!


Kinda wish I knew someone who has some 5/8s I can have for my ears. #poorpeopleproblems